Charlotte Furnished Rentals –
About Us and Who We Serve

Charlotte Furnished Rentals began in 2007 after the founders realized how difficult it was to find attractive, reasonably priced short-term housing in the Charlotte area.  Since then we have served hundreds of clients with varying needs. For us it’s not just a business, it’s a passion, a passion that we love.  

We fell in love with the human story behind each client we served.  We found the enjoyment of helping someone relocate to start a new job, play for or coach a new team, amazing medical transformations, and dealing with home renovations, some planned, and some inspired by fire, flood, storm or other disaster which required them to live somewhere else on an interim basis. Through it all we were amazed by the human spirit – courageous, hopeful, in the face of great change and stress.

Our offerings are designed for people in all industries and circumstances, we’re honored to make our furnished housing your “home away from home.” If you’d like to book a residence or have any questions at all, please contact us.  Below are just a few segments of the market that we serve.

Relocating to Charlotte

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Relocating to a new city is an exceptionally stressful experience – familiar people and places, often accompanied by a new job. It’s stressful enough when it’s just new, however if you are relocating in advance of your spouse, partner or family the complexity just increases.   We have helped countless relocating professionals find temporary accommodations while they search for a home and get settled in the Queen City.

We find that the moment a client can find housing accommodations that match their needs and tastes, their stress quickly diminishes and they can start to focus on the reason why they are relocating (starting a new life, job, project or reconnecting with family).

Charlotte Furnished Rentals can help take that stress and anxiety off your plate by helping you find a new place to call home.

Relationship Disruption

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Sometimes even the best of relationships requires some space as couples work through their challenges.  It’s during this time that our clients have found that you can be emotionally present for yourself and partner but provide you and them with space to reflect, and re-engage.  Time apart can help ensure both parties have space of their own before growing back together again. 

Our space also enables couples to make thoughtful decisions without the downside of what can appear to be permanent actions (such as signing a long-term lease and buying furniture).

Charlotte Furnished Rentals provides you with the flexibility needed so you can make well informed thoughtful decisions that enhance your life, while at the same time our lease terms make sure your housing decision can be flexible and short term if needed.

Consulting, Construction and Project Management

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New engagements or new projects are often inevitable, it’s important that you have a nice place to call home, to decompress, to regroup as you ramp up.  The least stressful part of your day-to-day life should be where you call home.  Charlotte Furnished Rentals can assist with helping you find a “housing solution and home away from home” for you or for your entire project team. 

Professional Athletes

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Professional sports have changed.  Most athletes do not have the long-term contract stability that was once more common.  Today’s athletes have to worry about non-guaranteed contracts, being traded, or injured which means buying a permanent home where the team is located may not be an ideal choice. Charlotte Furnished Rentals provides the flexibility needed so that you can focus on your season, and enjoy coming home after a hard day’s practice.   We are familiar with the specialized terms often requested by players and agents and we work diligently to help ensure you can focus on your performance.


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Internships are a great way to gain professional experience in the field of your choice. By nature, the duration for your internship is often temporary, short term and often leaves people scrambling to find housing options and trying to match lease terms to something as little as a 12–13-week internship.  Charlotte Furnished Rentals understands the challenges of finding housing for your internship and we can often match the lease to the duration of your internship so you can enjoy exploring a new job, new company and new city.


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The stress associated with a storm, fire, water, flood or other casualty event is unwanted but not all together unavoidable.  As you work through what is likely an unclear timeline Charlotte Furnished Rentals can help assist with finding temporary or more permanent housing so you can focus on picking up the pieces, rather than dealing with the day-to-day complexity of hotels, dining out and wondering how and where you can wash your clothes.  We work closely with insurance companies, providers, adjusters so that you can just focus on getting back to a normal life.   If you have been impacted – contact us today and we can begin assisting you with putting back together a place to call home.

Movie Production

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We focus on providing great housing solutions so that actors can act, production managers can produce and support teams can ensure day to day film production goes as planned. We provide a range of housing options to support varying budgets and needs.

Business Travelers

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Are you starting a company in Charlotte, joining a practice, company or a firm, or just moving to a better city and keeping your same position.  Perhaps you are a teleworker and just want to see what Charlotte has to offer.  No matter what brings you to Charlotte, we have the housing you need to help get your bearings before you buy a home. 

Healthcare Travelers

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What use to be a niche industry – travel healthcare – has blossomed into a way of life for many.  Assignments that range between 12-24 weeks are our specialty and we have a number of locations around many of the major hospitals such as Novant, Atrium, LeVine’s Children’s Hospital just to name a few.   

Our Hotel and Corporate Housing Experience

From 1997 to 2003 we were part of a consulting firm and lived out of suit cases. It was planes, trains and automobiles and while hotels were great for points they were hard on a life (no way to cook, do laundry, or store clothes over a weekend) and never felt clean.  The semi permanence of corporate housing was more attractive and we quickly learned that in order to enjoy being away from home – you had to have something you looked forward to – a comfortable living space to call your own.  It became clear that the purpose of housing was to comfort the soul, soothe the human spirit, and provide a place of peace and enjoyment. 

Our Charlotte NC Short Term Housing Experience

In 2007 my wife and I traded in our long distance dating relationship for marriage and settled in Charlotte.  We found a lovely home but due to the complexity of the sale we had to lease the property back to the original owners for 3 months, which left us with no place to live. To add to the complexity our belongings were scattered across 3 different storage units across 2 different states.  In the process we learned first hand the complexity of short term housing – and learned how hard it was to find a short term lease, rent furniture (no company would lease furniture for less than 4 months), after all of the complexity we realized there had to be a better way.

Getting Our Start to Build Better Corporate Housing

When we closed on our home – it came with a house on a separately deeded parcel – so we tested building out our own corporate apartment – tinkering with the design, the furnishings, the layout and the idea that we could address the challenges we experienced firsthand.  We designed and tested, gained customer feedback and made improvements.  When the great recession hit in 2008 we began buying distressed properties in high end neighborhoods and building out our own portfolio.  We found the process of buying properties and turning them into works of art enjoyable and appreciated the sense of satisfaction that came with helping each guest / client.

The Real Enjoyment

While we really enjoyed designing and redefining each property – we fell in love with the human story behind every person we met and each client we served.  We found the enjoyment of helping someone start a new job – a new geographic and occupational adventure in their life.  We were able to see and take part in amazing medical transformations – organ transplants, as well as heart attack and brain trauma recoveries.  We were able to take part in new family relocations, we often met people who sold their home before their new home was finished, and we worked with families as they completed home renovations which required them to live somewhere else on an interim basis. We met and served overseas transplants who started their new life in the Queen City.  Through it all we were amazed by the human spirit – courageous, hopeful, in the face of great change and stress.