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What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate Housing is more than just housing with some assortment of furnishings assembled together. What we do is very simple – we arrange space, light, furniture and amenities in a complimentary manner that makes you look forward to coming home each night. You decide what to do when you get there – cook, work, relax, read, or surf the net – we provide the work space, the furnished forum, and the means to making your life away from home more simple and enjoyable. ​


Our properties are well designed and put together in a manner that makes living more enjoyable. We take the complexity out of the experience by making sure by the time you enter the property everything is a turnkey experience – with all of the utilities on, bedding in place – you just have to bring your clothing.

What is Corporate Housing?

Whether you are in Charlotte on a short term business assignment or medical rotation, sold your home quicker than anticipated, or are dealing with a life transition (seperation, divorce) dealing with a major home renovation or an emergency situation (fire, flood, or other emergency) we are here to help with the transition.  To start the process - complete our contact us / inquiry form and we will get back to you usually in the same business day.  Of course you can always give our office a call (704) 332-5347 however the contact us / inquiry form provides us with the necessary information to provide you with an accelerated response. 

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