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The number of possible reasons for needing furnished apartments for rent is numerous, but at the end of the day the result is the same. When the need arises, you are likely to be looking for a temporary home to stay in that is comfortable, has enough space and amenities for your lifestyle, so that you can cook your own meals, have guests over for dinner, relax in your living room, and do a load of laundry without having to leave your apartment, etc.

Let’s face it. The reality is you’ll find yourself in need of a furnished apartment at some point in your life. Possibly even multiple times. Maybe you’ll sell your home earlier than you anticipated and experience a delay in moving into your new home for a couple of months. Perhaps you have a temporary work project, or maybe you’ll find yourself wanting to visit your adult children and spend a month of quality time with your grandkids without making yourself a nuisance by moving into their house with them.

A hotel simply does not provide the right combination of amenities for this scenario. It may suffice for a week or so but beyond that you’ll probably find yourself longing for a home cooked meal and a large enough space to truly unwind and relax in. That’s where furnished housing can play a critical role. To find the place that’s best for you, browse through some of our Short Term Furnished Apartments options or fill out your contact information so that one of our Leasing Specialists can contact you to provide you with our current availability. We service multiple geographies in Charlotte including the uptown as well as the south side neighborhoods including Myers Park, Dilworth, Elizabeth, Eastover and South Park.

We primarily have a collection of 1 bed 1 bath as well as 2 bed 2 bath properties ranging in size from 600 square feet to 1300 square feet across the Charlotte area – for more information fill out our inquiry / contact us form and someone will quick follow up with you.


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