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Market Place Options

Full Service Hotels - Some people believe that, for short-term housing, a hotel is their best and only option. At Charlotte Furnished Rentals we want you to know that simply isn’t true. Hotels limit your living options, no cooking facilities means you are constantly eating out resulting in additional expense and unhealthy eating options.  Additionally hotels were never designed to feel like home - and they lack critical lifestyle amenities - washer dryer and a kitchen, and when you are packing up every week to check out - you realize the value of a simple closet.  A typical hotel after taxes, room charges, dining out and laundry service is well over $4,000 a month.

Extended Stay Hotels - Small (often studio-style) hotel rooms that feature a small kitchenette and separate sitting area and are available to rent at reduced rates by the week or month. These are often seen as the “Affordable” option for individuals seeking housing for several weeks or months. While they are minimalistic in nature and do not provide the benefits of a home such as a full set of kitchen appliances, laundry facilities and often do not feel like home, and leave you with no options to entertain!  These services usually result in a total cost of $3,200 per month after all of the taxes, changes and other fees.

Do It Yourself - One option you may consider when faced with your short-term housing needs is to lease an unfurnished apartment and do it yourself - buy or lease furniture to fill your home with all of the necessary furnishings and housewares, and then chase down all of the items you will need - towels, linens, rugs, appliances, flat screens, all the way down to cleaning supplies, light bulbs and of course setting up utility services, picking up your cable modem, setting up a Wi-Fi router, and the list goes on and on.  The amount of time and inconvenience is daunting and the expense after all of those outlays and deposits makes you feel exhausted tracking all of those expenses.  In the end time is valuable - find a provider that can make your housing turnkey ready.

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