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How to Install and Enjoy RF Scenery Building - Ajaccio LFKJ for FSX and P3D

How to Install and Enjoy RF Scenery Building - Ajaccio LFKJ for FSX and P3D

If you are looking for a realistic and detailed scenery of Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (LFKJ) for your flight simulator, you should check out RF Scenery Building's latest product. This scenery covers the main airport serving Ajaccio, the capital city of Corsica, a beautiful French island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is named after Napoleon Bonaparte, who was born in Ajaccio.

RF Scenery Building - Ajaccio LFKJ features custom airport buildings, platforms and vehicles, as well as custom lighting for the runway and taxiways. It also includes glass effect windows, large size landclass, dynamic lighting for P3Dv4 and road traffic. The scenery is compatible with FSX, P3Dv3, P3Dv4 and P3Dv5.

To install RF Scenery Building - Ajaccio LFKJ, you need to purchase it from, where you can also find more screenshots and information. If you have previously purchased RF Scenery Building - LFKJ Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte FSX P3D, you can upgrade to the latest version for a special price of EUR 5.00 only.

[FSX P3D] RF Scenery Building - Ajaccio LFKJ CODEX

After downloading the product, you need to run the installer and follow the instructions. You will need an internet connection for activation. You can also read the installation how-to for more details.

Once installed, you can launch your flight simulator and select Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (LFKJ) as your departure or destination. You will be amazed by the realism and quality of the scenery, as well as the stunning views of Corsica's coastline and mountains.

RF Scenery Building - Ajaccio LFKJ is a must-have for fans of French airports and Mediterranean destinations. It will enhance your flying experience and make you feel like you are really there. Don't miss this opportunity to visit Corsica with your flight simulator!

Ajaccio is not only a great place to fly to, but also a wonderful city to explore. There are many attractions and activities to enjoy in Ajaccio, especially if you are interested in the history and culture of Corsica and Napoleon Bonaparte.

One of the best things to do in Ajaccio is to visit the National Museum of the Bonaparte Residence, where Napoleon was born and spent his childhood. You can see his birth room, his family portraits, his personal belongings and some memorabilia from his campaigns. The museum also offers guided tours and audio guides.

Another must-see attraction in Ajaccio is the Fesch Palace, which houses Ajaccio's fine art museum. This museum boasts one of the largest collections of Italian paintings in France, with works by Botticelli, Titian, Veronese and more. You can also admire the impressive architecture and decoration of the palace, which was built by Napoleon's uncle, Cardinal Fesch.

If you want to learn more about Napoleon's family and legacy, you should also visit the Imperial Chapel, where his parents and some of his siblings are buried. The chapel is located next to the Fesch Palace and has a beautiful neo-Gothic style. You can see the tombs of Letizia Bonaparte, Napoleon's mother, and Joseph Bonaparte, his elder brother and King of Spain. 29c81ba772


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