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The Outsiders Uncut Version Full Movie

But did you know that there is an uncut version of the movie that is even better than the original? The uncut version, also known as The Outsiders: The Complete Novel, was released in 2005 and includes 22 minutes of additional footage that Coppola had to cut from the theatrical release due to time constraints and studio pressure. The uncut version restores many scenes from the book that were left out of the movie, such as:

the outsiders uncut version full movie


  • a short scene where Ponyboy finds Tim sitting on his couch in the morning

  • a small extension to Ponyboy and Two-Bit at the hospital where a doctor allows them access to Johnnys room after being denied entrance by a nurse

  • a short scene where Two-Bit and Ponyboy encounter Johnnys mother at the hospital

  • a longer scene where Ponyboy reads Gone with the Wind to Johnny at the church

  • a scene where Dally robs a grocery store and calls Darry from a payphone before being chased by the police

  • a scene where Ponyboy visits Dallys room at the hospital and sees his injuries

  • a scene where Ponyboy and Darry have an argument at home after the rumble

  • a scene where Ponyboy collapses at school and is taken to the hospital

  • a scene where Soda runs away after finding out that his girlfriend is pregnant and doesnt want to marry him

  • a scene where Ponyboy and Darry find Soda at the park and reconcile with him

  • a scene where Ponyboy writes his essay about his experiences as an outsider

The uncut version also features a different soundtrack that includes songs by Elvis Presley, Van Morrison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Eddie Cochran. The uncut version also has a different opening and closing credits sequence that shows photos of the actors as their characters.

The uncut version of The Outsiders is a rare and unforgettable cinematic experience that gives more depth and emotion to the story and the characters. It is widely considered to be superior to the original version by fans and critics alike. If you want to watch this masterpiece, you can stream it online on Hulu or buy it on DVD or Blu-ray. You wont regret it! c481cea774


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