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One Piece Episode 855

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One Piece Episode 855

The biggest change this week actually comes with the Germa 66 fight, which finally concludes this week. It's funny, in the manga this whole fight was off screen until the very end where we see them chilling on a mountain pirate corpses. I didn't mind some of this filler but it really undermined itself by showing us the same batch of match-ups over the past several months, so the ending feels so much more extreme by comparison. Each Vinsmoke kid took several episodes to defeat their given opponents, and now they've suddenly taken out hundreds of people.

The episode ends with the Vinsmokes calling in and tricking the rest of the Big Mom pirates into thinking they were victorious on the Germa side of the fight, and now they're planning to make their next move. They're still in that quasi-ally state with the Straw Hats, so who knows what sort of help they might lend, if they're even in the helping mood at all after all this.

So we're two-for-two on Luffy vs. Katakuri fight episodes where not a ton happens, and we've had little of the other Straw Hats present to balance it out. There are parts of this fight that are definitely a long-winded grind, and if the show had the luxury of trimming it down, I think it'd improve the experience a lot. That said, the fight has yet to get boring per se, and it helps that the animation hasn't bottomed out, but we're in desperate need to get some of that oomph back soon. It's an acceptable episode, but I'm hungry for a lot more substance at the moment.

A scan from the latest Weekly Shonen Jump (as spotted by Twitter user @YonkouProd) reveals that Episode 855 of the series, premiering on September 30 in Japan, is titled "Conclusion of the Death Match! An Angry Katakuri Awakens!" While not much is known about the contents of the episode itself, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next episode that sets up this pivotal point in the fight between the two.

The preview for Episode 844 of the series teased that Luffy's in quite over his head as well as Katakuri rains blow up blow down on him. Luffy's trying to protect the one piece of remaining mirror that would allow him to reunited with his crew, but Katakuri is showing no signs of slowing down. Something must have happened to turn the tide as now Katakuri is angered in the following episode. Fans will see for themselves soon enough.

On today's episode of Juicebox Podcast I'm joined once again by Erica Forsythe. Erica is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist out of California. She can also see patients right now, virtually, who live in Utah, Oregon and Florida. She's adding more states all the time, check her out at Erica Or by calling six to 63442263. Just a little heads up, you'll see by the title Eric and I are going to talk about suicidal ideation today, and everything that goes around that, how to spot it what to do, how you might be able to help someone. While you're listening, please remember that nothing you hear on the Juicebox Podcast should be considered advice, medical or otherwise, please Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health care plan, or becoming bold with insulin. If you're a type one who is a US resident or a person who is the caregiver of someone with type one, filling out the survey AT T one D Forward slash juicebox will go a long way towards helping type one diabetes research. complete that survey AT T one D Forward slash juicebox. If you are currently having suicidal thoughts or just want to speak with someone just pick up your phone and dial 988 That's the suicide and crisis lifeline 988. You can also look online Samaritans Or just go to Google and type in suicide help. All kinds of local returns will come up for you. This episode of The Juicebox Podcast doesn't have any ads. But if you're interested in supporting the podcast through one of the advertisers, there are links in the show notes of this episode. And at juicebox to all of the sponsors. Okay. Hello. Hi, Erica. How are you Hi,

Scott Benner 2:11I appreciate you. Oh, I'm already I just hit record. And I'm already doubting that I should do this. But I know I'm no I know I shouldn't I know it's going to be valuable. But I'm gonna get upset at some point while I'm doing this. So let me let me lay out how we got here. A lot of people write to me, that's the thing you hear a lot of people say most of them are probably lying because they're trying to make their social influence seem more powerful. But I get a ton of emails, private messages, so many so that I mean, I read I read every one of them. But sometimes they'll sit in my inbox for a month before I can get to them. And I got a note from a girl a while back now. And it was pretty long and descriptive. And and they wanted to come on the show. They didn't mention any mental health issues. But I would say that the letter had some signs of it in there. Sometimes you can kind of tell by the length of the letter or details get over shared things like that, like I can I kind of have like maybe a half a sixth sense for it. And so I got right back to her. And I see you know, would love to have you on the show, let's set it up. And then I never ever heard back from Oregon. And I mean, like a year went by. And then she responded to the email, as if I had just sent it like the week before. And we were talking and here was the conversation again. And they were very excited to come on the show. And this time I got her booked onto the show. And it takes about six months after your book to get on the show. So about two months before, about two months before she was supposed to record with me. I got this very strange email from somebody I don't know. And it became obvious that the person was trying to tell me that their daughter had passed away without using the words. And then as I read a little farther, opened up and said yes, she had passed, but then I realized they weren't going to say how. So I was like, okay, and at the end of the note, it said that at at their daughter's funeral. They wanted to take donations for the podcast. And this was at his daughter's behest. And I was just like, I mean, if you could try to imagine my wife and I are sitting in our car outside of a restaurant, just waiting for our takeout. You're not I mean, and I'm like, Hey, look at this and I'm reading it we're both trying to make sense of it. it and the gentleman says, leaves his phone number and says you can call me. And I thought I said to my wife, I'm like, this is I don't know what to do about this. But I can't just email back. I don't know what the right thing to say like this has to happen conversationally. And so I just called him from the car. And he never said how, just that his daughter had passed away that morning. And, and then I started putting it together. And I realized, I think this girl took her own life. And I think I'm in her suicide note. Like, like, you don't I mean, because you don't like and I'm obviously making a couple of leaps. But you don't walk into a bedroom and say to your parents, like, Hey, I'm gonna go kill myself now. But at my funeral, could you please handle donation like, so I started thinking like, Oh, my God, I'm in somebody's like, like, last last will and testament, basically, you know, and it freaked me out a lot. And I held myself together. And I talked to him, and he was barely holding himself together. And I told him, I get back to him the next day. And so I'm sorry to say that in that moment, I didn't realize that his daughter was the person who I described as the person I was emailing with the beginning. And I put a lot of effort into it. I asked people online, Jenny and I talked privately, and I ended up giving him three places. I said, Look, I can't take donations from from this. I was like, but here's, I gave him touched by type one. I said, this is an organization that helps children, I gave him diabetes sisters, is an organization that helps women, and we are diabetes, for eating disorders, and things like that. And I was like, these are three places I think, would be very valuable. And, you know, I can't like I would never, I said, I'm not a I'm not a charity. I'm like, I don't even know what I would do with money if it came, like, you know, I'm not going to take but but he but he kept saying, but my daughter wants you to have it. And I was like, I can't take it. Like I just can't, you know, and so we set this up, everybody was okay with it. Like two days later, my cell phone, I'm sitting right here and my cell phone rings and I don't recognize the number and I pick it up. And there is a crying woman on the phone. Before she says hello, she's, she's crying. But she's also doing the dishes. So I can hear someone crying and doing dishes at the same time. And I just thought, Oh God, this is this girl's mom. Like it is she's got my number because I called her husband. And we just stayed on the phone for maybe 20 minutes. She described what the podcast meant to her daughter how much it had helped her through her life. And told me that never never used the word suicide never said took her own life. She didn't use those words. We all it was spoken around the entire time. And and she just thanked me and then asked me if I had any insight about her daughter. And I told her that I would be happy to share the emails that she sent me and I sent them back to her. And I've never I've never heard from them again. I did tell the woman like it was like if you ever want to come on the podcast and speak about your daughter, you know, eulogize her memorialized or anything at all Like you could I took from the conversations that she had a lot of different problems. Some were physical and some were mental. And that she had really succeeded through her life she'd I think become a nurse and like, done a number of things going to school the way she meant to, I hope I'm not miss speaking about what she accomplished. But she had gone to school she was working towards she had a life you know, but the mom said something. And I'm not going to get it right word for word, but I'm never gonna forget the intent of what she said is, this was always how it was going to end she said, I've been waiting for this for a long time. And I thought and again, not her exact words, but I think I think it was I think what she said word for word as close as I can get to it is we always knew this was going to happen. So I'm assuming there were fits and starts and attempts and things along the way. And so I of course not to make this about me because it certainly is and I want to shine a light on this and help people understand how to identify suicidal thoughts, how you can help people with them, etc. But just telling you the story because that's why the episode exists. I I was I don't know anybody who's suicidal, I don't think and then it made me think or do I and I don't know, because this girl did not seem suicidal in these emails. She just seemed a little I don't know, all over the place a little bit but not but in a way that would have put up a red flag for me, you know Certainly. Anyway, I, I just wanted to help people recognize it and others and know where to go next. So if you can help me with that, that'd be great. 59ce067264


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