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Pantalones cortos: A Book Review

Pantalones cortos: A Book Review

Pantalones cortos is a book by Lara RÃos, a Costa Rican author, that tells the story of Arturo, an eleven-year-old boy who writes in his diary about his life. The book consists of 12 chapters, each one corresponding to a month of the year. The book was published in 1996 by Grupo Editorial Norma and has 156 pages.

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The book is a realistic and humorous portrayal of Arturo's experiences as a schoolboy, a son, a brother, and a friend. He writes about his family, his teachers, his classmates, and his adventures in and out of school. He also reflects on his feelings, his dreams, his fears, and his hopes. Some of the topics he writes about are: visiting an orphanage, going to the beach, having a crush on a girl, dealing with bullies, celebrating Christmas, and discovering poetry.

The book is written in a simple and engaging style, with short sentences and colloquial language. The book also includes illustrations by Carlos Campos that complement the text and add visual appeal. The book is suitable for young readers who want to learn more about Costa Rican culture and enjoy a funny and touching story.

Pantalones cortos is a book that celebrates childhood, friendship, family, and imagination. It is a book that shows the joys and challenges of growing up in a changing world. It is a book that invites readers to laugh, cry, and think with Arturo.One of the strengths of Pantalones cortos is the characterization of Arturo and the other characters. Arturo is a relatable and likable protagonist who expresses his thoughts and feelings with honesty and humor. He is curious, creative, sensitive, and sometimes rebellious. He is not perfect, but he learns from his mistakes and tries to do better. The other characters are also well-developed and realistic. They have their own personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. They are not stereotypes, but complex and diverse individuals.

Another strength of Pantalones cortos is the use of Costa Rican culture and history as a backdrop for the story. The book shows different aspects of Costa Rican society, such as its education system, its traditions, its politics, its geography, and its language. The book also references important historical events and figures, such as the abolition of the army, the civil war, and Josà Figueres Ferrer. The book does not idealize or criticize Costa Rica, but presents it as a rich and dynamic country with its own challenges and opportunities.

Pantalones cortos is a book that can be enjoyed by readers of different ages and backgrounds. It is a book that offers a window into a different culture and a mirror for one's own experiences. It is a book that inspires readers to write their own stories and share them with others.One of the themes of Pantalones cortos is the importance of reading and writing as a way of learning and expressing oneself. Arturo discovers the power of words through his diary, his school assignments, and his exposure to different genres of literature. He learns to appreciate poetry, novels, essays, and comics. He also learns to write his own stories and poems, using his imagination and creativity. He realizes that reading and writing can help him cope with his problems, understand his feelings, and communicate with others.

Another theme of Pantalones cortos is the value of friendship and solidarity as a source of support and happiness. Arturo has a close group of friends who share his interests and adventures. They are loyal, honest, and fun. They help each other in times of trouble and celebrate in times of joy. They also show empathy and compassion for others who are less fortunate or different from them. They volunteer at an orphanage, donate toys and clothes, and defend a classmate who is bullied. They learn that friendship and solidarity can make a difference in the world.

Pantalones cortos is a book that teaches valuable lessons about life and human nature. It is a book that encourages readers to be themselves, to follow their dreams, and to care for others. It is a book that reminds readers of the beauty and wonder of childhood. e0e6b7cb5c


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